Saturday, 10 January 2009

Information theory and how it pertains to micro/macro evolution

From Answers in Genesis, on their 'arguments creationists should not use' page

“Creationists believe in microevolution but not macroevolution.”

These terms, which focus on “small” vs. “large” changes, distract from the key issue of information. That is, particles-to-people evolution requires changes that increase genetic information, but all we observe is sorting and loss of information. We have yet to see even a “micro” increase in information, although such changes should be frequent if evolution were true. Conversely, we do observe quite “macro” changes that involve no new information, e.g., when a control gene is switched on or off.

(This is listed under the heading "What arguments are doubtful, hence, inadvisable to use?")

The question of information is addressed - at least according to one model* of information theory - here. Now I just need to find some examples of where these principles are demonstrated in nature.... Or is that just doing science backwards? :)

*) I need to have a look and see what that particular model is, and how it differs from other models of information theory...

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