Saturday, 31 January 2009

Survey on evolution

These are supposed to be True/False questions, but the wording is perhaps in need of a little improvement - feel free to add comments!

  1. Evolution is a scientific fact.
  2. Evolution is something you should either believe in, or not believe in.
  3. Evolution is a process that involved the origin of life.
  4. Evolution is primarily concerned with the origin of humans.
  5. According to evolution, people came from monkeys a long time ago.
  6. Evolution was first proposed and explained by Charles Darwin.
  7. Evolution is the same as "Natural Selection."
  8. Evolution is something that happened only in the past; it is not happening now.
  9. Evolution is something that happens to individual organisms.
  10. Evolution is a totally random process, or a series of "accidents."
  11. Evolution was developed in order to destroy or undermine religion.
  12. Evolution tells us that there is no God.
  13. Evolution can be compatible with all the world's major religions.
  14. Evolution simply means "change."
  15. "Evolution is only a theory."
  16. There is actually very little evidence for evolution.
  17. One indication that evolution has not occurred is the total absence of "transitional organisms" (those with traits intermediate between two different groups).
  18. Fossils provide many problems which evolution cannot explain.
  19. Most biological and medical and agricultural research assumes evolution is real.
  20. Evolution theory has been tested many times, and has always been supported by the evidence.
  21. Dinosaurs lived during the time of early humans.
  22. Evolution involves individuals changing in order to adapt to their environment.
  23. There is actually considerable observable evidence against evolution.
  24. Science can properly infer what has happened in the past, based on evidence.
  25. The formation of complex structures, like the eye, can be readily explained by evolution.

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